How 10-man Arsenal Beat Crystal Palace 1-0 to Extend Perfect Premier League Start

Read how 10-man Arsenal secured a 1-0 victory against Crystal Palace, extending their perfect Premier League start. Martin Odegaard’s penalty goal proved crucial in a match marked by Takehiro Tomiyasu’s red card.


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The Premier League witnessed a riveting encounter as Arsenal clashed with Crystal Palace, with the former triumphing in a remarkable display of skill and determination. In this article, we delve into the details of how 10-man Arsenal secured a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace, thus maintaining their impeccable Premier League start. The pivotal moment came when Martin Odegaard converted a penalty, ultimately proving decisive in a match that also saw Takehiro Tomiyasu sent off for two yellow cards.

How 10-man Arsenal Triumphed Against Crystal Palace

In a thrilling showdown, Arsenal’s 10-man squad managed to outshine Crystal Palace, showcasing their mettle and determination on the field. The match hinged on several key factors that contributed to Arsenal’s victory:

1. Odegaard’s Penalty Perfection

The turning point of the match arrived with Martin Odegaard’s clinical penalty conversion. Seizing the opportunity with poise and precision, Odegaard sent the ball into the net, securing the lone goal that would ultimately prove decisive.

2. Resolute Defense

Despite being a man down following Tomiyasu’s dismissal, Arsenal’s defense displayed unwavering determination. Organized and resolute, they thwarted Crystal Palace’s attempts to breach their lines, protecting their slim lead with grit and teamwork.

3. Strategic Formations

Arsenal’s tactical brilliance was evident in their ability to adapt to a 10-man formation seamlessly. The team’s strategic reorganization nullified Crystal Palace’s advances, ensuring minimal gaps and exploiting counterattacking opportunities.

4. Midfield Dominance

The midfield played a pivotal role in Arsenal’s victory, effectively controlling possession and dictating the tempo of the match. This dominance enabled them to create scoring opportunities and limit Crystal Palace’s offensive forays.

5. Collective Determination

The collective determination exhibited by Arsenal’s players was palpable throughout the match. Every member of the team showcased an unyielding resolve to protect their lead, exemplifying the spirit of unity and teamwork.

6. Managerial Guidance

Under the astute guidance of their manager, Arsenal remained composed even in the face of adversity. The manager’s strategic substitutions and motivational prowess were instrumental in maintaining the team’s focus and determination.

7. Odegaard’s Impact

Beyond his penalty goal, Odegaard’s overall impact on the match cannot be overlooked. His creative vision and ability to control the game’s tempo added an extra layer of potency to Arsenal’s attack, keeping Crystal Palace’s defense on edge.

Insights from the Match

The encounter between Arsenal and Crystal Palace offers valuable insights into the dynamics of Premier League football. As the two teams battled it out, several noteworthy observations emerged:

  • Adaptability Reigns Supreme: Arsenal’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances, such as playing with 10 men, underscores the importance of flexibility and strategic thinking in high-stakes matches.
  • Resilience Makes the Difference: The match highlighted the significance of resilience in the face of adversity. Arsenal’s players displayed unwavering determination, proving that a never-say-die attitude can lead to triumph even in challenging scenarios.
  • Leadership in Action: The captain and senior players played a vital role in rallying the team during difficult moments. Their leadership on the field showcased the importance of experience and composure in critical situations.
  • Tactical Brilliance: Both teams showcased tactical prowess, revealing the intricate chess game that football can become. Arsenal’s strategic formations and Crystal Palace’s attempts to exploit vulnerabilities offered a masterclass in football strategy.
How 10-man Arsenal Beat Crystal Palace 1-0
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Q: How did Arsenal manage to win with 10 players?

A: Arsenal’s victory with 10 players can be attributed to their strategic formations, resolute defense, and collective determination to protect their lead.

Q: What was the role of Martin Odegaard in the match?

A: Martin Odegaard’s penalty goal and overall impact on the match were pivotal. His ability to control the game’s tempo and contribute to the attack added a crucial dimension to Arsenal’s play.

Q: How did Crystal Palace attempt to break Arsenal’s defense?

A: Crystal Palace tried to exploit gaps in Arsenal’s defense and create scoring opportunities. However, Arsenal’s organized defense and midfield dominance thwarted many of their attempts.

Q: Who was sent off with a red card for Arsenal?

A: Takehiro Tomiyasu was sent off for Arsenal after receiving two yellow cards.

Q: What insights can be gained from this match?

A: The match emphasizes the importance of adaptability, resilience, leadership, and tactical brilliance in high-intensity football encounters.

Q: How did Arsenal’s manager contribute to the victory?

A: Arsenal’s manager made strategic substitutions and provided motivational guidance, helping the team remain composed and focused despite challenges.


Arsenal’s resounding victory against Crystal Palace serves as a testament to their skill, determination, and strategic acumen. Overcoming challenges, the team’s 10 players displayed remarkable unity and resilience, securing a 1-0 win that extends their perfect Premier League start. Martin Odegaard’s penalty goal and Takehiro Tomiyasu’s red card created defining moments in a match that will be remembered for its intensity and drama.

In the ever-evolving landscape of football, this match stands as a shining example of the beauty and unpredictability that make the sport a global phenomenon.

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